#602 Least Likely

01. Recap - ezgirl
02. Keepin' It Pretty – Genise
03. Main Title –BETTY
04. Hit - ezgirl
05. I Like It - The Emotions [mp3] - [mp3]
06. I’ve Just Been Feeling Bad - Carla Thomas
07. Who Wants Me Now - Tokay Lewis [mp3] - [mp3]
08. Bette and Jody - ezgirl
09. Proposal 1- ezgirl
10. Proposal 2- ezgirl
11. Run Run - Those Dancing Days [myspace] [youtube] [mp3] - [mp3]
12. Jenny and Shane - ezgirl
13. In the Car - ezgirl
14. Great DJ - Ting Tings [myspace] [youtube] [mp3] - [mp3]
15. Killalady - Justine Electra - [myspace] - [mp3]
16. Darwin Mustard - Quiero Club [youtube] - [myspace] - [mp3]
17. Max and Tom - ezgirl
18. Kiss the Sun - Jen Lasher [myspace] [mp3]
19. From the Valley to the Stars - El Perro Del Mar [myspace] - [youtube] - [mp3]

wowone tlw season 6 music guide


Danielle said...

Thank you VERY much.. I would not know of some of the great music out there if it wasn't for The L Word and this blog!

zupp said...

Great DJ- The Ting Tings -> this one is such a great track! thanks!

Natalie said...

Jen Lasher - Kiss The Sun

didie211 said...

Thank you Natalie :)

dale426 said...

Thanks so much, love this blog (we should have had it all along from the 1st season!)

Anonymous said...

Which one is the one that is played when Tina and Bette kiss and go to bed after they arrive from the gallery?

pajarito said...

muchas gracias desde aqui, es una paguina buenisima, gracias muchas gracia. arriba tina y bette.

annemarlen said...

Thank you, worvon! ;-)