Uh Huh Her To 'React' In August

by Charlotte Benbeniste

Indie electo-pop outfit, Uh Huh Her, will release their debut full-length, Common Reaction, August 19 via Nettwerk. The L.A.-based duo of Mellowdrone veteran Camila Grey and L-Word actress Leisha Hailey borrowed their name from a 2004 PJ Harvey album. But much unlike the moody alternative rock we've come to love from Harvey, Common Reaction, produced by Al Clay (Pixies, Pink, Blur), is catchy, synth-heavy dance music. "As we were making Common Reaction, we realized it went in a pop direction," says Hailey, "but in a good way."

Grey and Hailey met in 2006, and wasted no time before they started making music. In 2007, they debuted their EP, I See Red, and were soon playing sold out shows in their home base, London and New York. The pair recently wrapped the video with Draw Pictures (Mark Ronson, Franz Ferdinand, Depeche Mode, the Bravery) for their single "Not A Love Song," while plans for a Fall tour are in the works.

Tracklist For Common Reaction:
01. Not A Love Song
02. Explode
03. Wait Another Day
04. Common Reaction
05. Say So
06. Covered
07. Everyone
08. Away From Here
09. So Long
10. Dance With Me
11. Dreamer


source: CMJ