511 - “Lunar Cycle”

1. Recap - Elizabeth Ziff
2. Swing Out - Elizabeth Ziff
3. Main Title - BETTY
4. Medicine Bend - Margie Joseph
5. Bette and Jodie 1 - Elizabeth Ziff
6. I’m a big girl now - Mable John
7. Bette and Jodie 2 - Elizabeth Ziff
8. Love comes in all colors - The Staple Singles
9. I’ll Fight for you - Elizabeth Ziff
10. Jenny’s Fired - Elizabeth Ziff
12. Film Noir - BETTY
12. Jenny On Lot 1 - Elizabeth Ziff
13. Jenny On Lot 2 - Elizabeth Ziff
14. The Look 1 -Elizabeth Ziff
15. The Look 2 - Elizabeth Ziff
16. Kit’s Theme - Elizabeth Ziff
17. Slightly Elevated - Beef Wellington(Fila Brazilia Mix)
18. Stuck In Traffic - Elizabeth Ziff
21. Kit’s theme 2 - Elizabeth Ziff
22. Shut in the face - Elizabeth Ziff
23. The Look 3 -Elizabeth Ziff
24. Kit’s Theme 3 - Elizabeth Ziff
25. Only Women Bleed - Alice Cooper
26. Bette Open Present - Elizabeth Ziff
27. What True Lover Should - Castle Project
28. Living a life without love - Veda Brown
29. Choices - Bettye LaVette


Anonymous said...

Hi there, i have a question, do you know the name of the songs in the preview of the chapter 512? the url is http://youtube.com/watch?v=Z36QoLqVcDE

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that song from Castle Project is available for download on their myspace page.I think the actual name of the song is,"What true lovers should"...That song is so amazing!~!!!

didie211 said...

awesome, thanks for the info.

philana said...

Thanks for continually posting these tracklists!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the music! I cannot download anymore, just listen to the songs. Any suggestions?

Jason said...

I REALLY want that song by BETTY... Film Noir.. But I cant find it anywhere on the web and the soundtrack for the 5th season isn't out... do you have any clue where i could find it?