509 - "Liquid Heat"

1. Recap - Elizabeth Ziff
2. Swing Out - Elizabeth Ziff
3. Main Title - BETTY
4. Lights Out - Elizabeth Ziff
5. Joyce & Phyllis - Elizabeth Ziff
6. Birdbath - Elizabeth Ziff
7. The Family - Elizabeth Ziff
8. The Family out - Elizabeth Ziff
9. Love For Life - Standfast
10. Private Number - William Bell Feat Judy Clay
11. Emergency - The Sweet Inspirations
12. Let Da Music - Quiero Club
13. Swimming Pool - Freeze Pop
14. Swimming Pool - Freeze Pop
15. Swimming Pool - Freeze Pop
16. End Song - Elizabeth Ziff


Judit said...

thanks again for the music ! I wish i had the song from the end of this episode!

interpolita said...

OMFG!! this a latinamerican fan speaking & omg i'm a big fan of quiero club and when i saw this episode i was freaking out. thank you so much for putting the music of every single episode. hopefully, more people will like quiero club x)

Golightly said...

anyone know where you can find the End Song? that was the best ever

pugs said...

I agree-where can you get the End Son g

Anonymous said...

So where do we get the end song??

Anonymous said...

i'd also like to know where i can download the end song. it's really great!!

Anonymous said...

same thing : where can i find that song? it's almost an obsession... so good!

Anonymous said...

Do you mean the song to the love scenes at the end of ep. 9, I think it is "Swimmingpool" by Freezepop.

Joane said...

What's the one of the elevator scene?

Jennifer said...

Yeah... I want to know this one too... The one that says "everything is perfect now..."

didie211 said...

Swimming Pool - Freeze Pop

Jennifer said...

Thank youso much! =)