507 - "Lesbians Gone Wild"

1. Recap - Elizabeth Ziff
2. Swing Out - Elizabeth Ziff
3. Main Title - BETTY
4. Set 1 - Elizabeth Ziff
5. Army Base - Elizabeth Ziff
6. The Look 1 - Elizabeth Ziff
7. Dismissed - Elizabeth Ziff
8. The Look 2 - Elizabeth Ziff
9. The Look 3 - Elizabeth Ziff
10. The Look 4 - Elizabeth Ziff
11. Crumplonious - Pohock
12. Set 2 - Elizabeth Ziff
13. Set 3 - Elizabeth Ziff
14. You Can See Everything - Brooke Miller
15. The Beast - Ping Pong Bitches
16. Real Fly - Vixen
17. Set 3 - Elizabeth Ziff
18. Molly & Shane - Elizabeth Ziff
19. Cities In Dust - Junkie XL
21. Loaded - Bran Van 3000
22. Smack My Bitch Up Prodigy
23. Bondallica - Bonde Do Role
24. End Song - Elizabeth Ziff


Anonymous said...

which song played in the oil wrestling part??

pandora007 said...

2 songs.. the first one Smack My Bitch Up Prodigy Jenny/Nikki and the second one Bondallica - Bonde Do Role

Anonymous said...

I can't believed when I listened to Bonde do Role in the l word. Is such a bad song, it's from Brazil.
I'm from Brazil!

Anyway, I appreciate your work! Thank you!

ddds said...

in the oil wrestling part the two music is:
Smack My Bitch Up Prodigy, and the secon is Loaded - Bran Van 3000

Anonymous said...

Please re-up the season 1's soundtrack. Most of the links are not working anymore.

didie211 said...

the links still working

Iranian Boy(The Anonymous) said...

Sorry.I've checked the links few days ago and they were not working.But now they have no problem. I guess you've changed the links. Thanks anyway...

didie211 said...

dont' worry about it, just report the broken links and i'll upload them again.

Anonymous said...

Thx so much for this!

Anonymous said...

During the oil wrestling there was another song -- kind of middle eastern beats with a moaning vocal?

Anonymous said...

I also really want to know what the Middle Eastern song was while Nikki & Jenny were wrestling. So sexy! I've been searching for the name but can't find it. Any help??

Anonymous said...

what song was playing when jenny and nikki were making out in the trailer? how can i get it

Angel said...


I too would love to know the name of the song that sounded a bit middle eastern with some moaning. I've gone thru the whole episode song list and none of them are it. Does anyone know?

T said...

Hey, would you mind reuploading the Sendspace songs in this post? (To Mediafire?) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hola pasaba por aqui, tal vez me pueden ayudar...
resulta q estaba con unos maigos y accidentalmente un dvd. es eso malo?

tiffany said...

thanks for your work!

but can you please re-up the links to S5E7 songs?


Anonymous said...

Something is wrong with the sendspace links. can you please upload those songs again? I would really appreciate it, since I can't find most of the songs anywhere else.