505 - Lookin' At You, Kid

1. Recap - Elizabeth Ziff
2. Teaser - Elizabeth Ziff
3. Main Title BETTY
4. Something Ain't Right - The Staple Singers
5. What is this Feeling - The Sessions
6. The Get Go - New Young Pony Club
7. Alice In Lesboland - Elizabeth Ziff
8. Daryl Dance - Elizabeth Ziff
9. Horny Pony - Spectrum
10. Killer BV - Jaymes Bullet
11. Sweet Things You Do - Mavis Staples
12. Adele - Elizabeth Ziff
13. Roc Ya Body - The Ping Pong Bitches
14. News Cast - Elizabeth Ziff
15. I Mean Wow - Imitation Electric Piano
16. Kiss Me Deadly - Lita Ford
17. Lights Go Out - Client
18. Spoon Me - Ohm
19. I want You Back - Jackson 5
20. Surrender - The Start
21. Ciao Baby - The Start
22. Goodbye - Asobi Sexsu
23. All The Girls Get Together and Rule - Costanza
24. White Laughter - The Heartthrobs

awesome, thanks wow ;)


tibette love said...

I love this music but quicktime is not working for me. Can you be so kind and upload these in like media fire uploading and hosting or wmv? thanks, i can't get enough. thankyou again.


Nicole said...

just had to say thanks for the tracklisting...u rule!

steph said...

you're awesome! thanks.

j said...

God, you rock! Thanks so much!

didie211 said...

LOL, God's rock alright.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to give a HUGE thank you for doing this!! <3

candy87 said...

Thank you so much...U're awesome!

Anonymous said...

hey, what is the song they were playing and dancing to in 505 at the party when they were all high on brownies? HAHA

didie211 said...

Jackson 5 - I Want You Back

Paulinha said...

Thank you very much!!!!!From Brazil

steph said...

Here's Jaymes Bullet - Killer:


didie211 said...

Sweet! Thanks Steph :)

wowone said...

thx! :-))))

Anonymous said...

You're amazing.