412 - Long Time Coming

1. Recap - ezgirl
2. How Long - Toshi Reagon
3. Main Title - BETTY
4. We've Got to Get Ourselves Together - The Staple Singers
5. Action - Bomber
6. Tasha Leaves - ezgirl
7. Helena's Note - ezgirl
8. Drinking - Isaac Hayes
9. Gotta Get Some - ezgirl
10. Portrait of an Artist As a Young Woman (Thank You) - Lizzie West & the White Buffalo [mediafire]
11. Max's Moment - ezgirl
12. C'mon DJ - Mr.Airplane Man
13. Commit a Crime - Mr.Airplane Man
14. 6 In The Morning - Client
15. A Surreal Moment - ezgirl
16. Tina Sighs - ezgirl
17. Before We Begin - Broadcast
18. How Long - Toshi Reagon
19. Dear Mr.President - Pink featuring Indigo Girls


Rhiannon said...

Is there any way you could let me know the name of the song that was playing when Alice gave Tasha the watch? The cutesy, tegan and sara sounding stuff?
I really liked it, but don't know where to look for it.
If you get the time, could you please email it to me? RhiannonDavis1@googlemail.com


Shari said...

I'm having some problems downloading 'Before We Begin'. I was wondering if you would upload it elsewhere? If it's not too much trouble? Pretty pleeeease...!

Thanks a bunch! :)

didie211 said...

here you go http://sharebee.com/dfb69ec4 :)

shari said...